HOLIDAY READING – Inter-dimensional travel adventures by Sean Williams

Welcome back to Kids’ Book Capers. Happy New Year to everyone and hope that 2011 brings health, happiness and lots of great reading for you.

To kick off the new year, I thought we’d go on an inter-dimensional journey – after all, a new year is for being bold, trying new things and experiences.

So today, we’re looking at the first two books in Sean William’s The Fixers series about Oliver Jolson and his inter-galactic adventures.

The Fixers – Book One – Castle of the Zombies

In Castle of the Zombies, Ollie Jolson hates his new home. Nothing is quite right with it and the streets are always full of people fixing things (the Fixers). But when Ollie goes to the door in the dead of night to ask the Fixers what they are up to, he crosses the threshold into completely unfamiliar territory.

Author, Sean Williams uses all of the senses to give the reader a vivid picture that things just aren’t quite right in Ollie’s new world. Across the threshold is a place where the walls really do have ears. They also have eyes, brains and stomachs as well.

It doesn’t take long for Ollie to wish he had never got out of bed to check out the Fixer at the front door. Not only is Ollie now in a world he can’t return from, but he’s also faced with the despicable Lord Wight who has an evil plan to take over everything and everyone.

Ollie finds himself in a dungeon; weaponless, without his mobile phone and still in his pyjamas.  He’s going to need to stay calm to get himself out of this mess. But danger is everywhere – even the ceiling of the castle is leaking something deadly. The only upside to the whole experience is that Ollie is not alone. A boy called Niff has also been captured and he seems to know a lot more about this new world.

Ollie and his new friend Niff need to find the castle’s brain and destroy it if they are to stop Lord Wight and the castle from taking over the entire world.

Castle of Zombies has plenty of action to keep young readers engaged and Ollie is a resourceful and likeable character.

The Fixers – Book 2 – Planet of the Cyborgs

In Planet of the Cyborgs, Ollie is still lost in a space-time continuum and the trip home hasn’t quite worked out the way he thought it would. In fact, he has ended up in the wrong universe and come face to face with his double.

When he goes through another inter-dimensional portal to escape the Fixers, he finds himself in space fighting pirates who are more machines than humans.

He also meets a talking cat called Pixel, a computer called Boots and a girl called Bea.

After his tussle with the pirates he tries to return to his own universe only to discover that things still aren’t quite right – in fact now he has a screaming baby sister.

The Fixers series, by Sean Williams is great for kids who love action, humour, gadgets and inter-galactic adventures. Striking black and white illustrations by Nial O’Connor break up the text and make for easy reading.

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