Get Reading! 2010 is coming!

Only four more weeks until the nation-wide Get Reading! 2010 promotion kicks into gear.

Formerly known as ‘Books Alive’, Get Reading! is the book industry’s own annual promotion of books and reading – the largest in Australia. You can get involved in Get Reading! without even leaving your desktop.

Since we’re a participating retailer, if you buy one of the ’50 Books You Can’t Put Down’ online at Boomerang Books from August 25-September 30, you will receive a free collection of Australian short stories.

Visit on August 25th for a full list of all of the books that have made the list of the year’s best, and that will entitle you to a free book. 🙂

So, join us in the coming months, as we Get Reading!


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William Kostakis

Blogger William Kostakis is an award-winning, twenty-year-old young adult fiction author. His debut title, Loathing Lola, was released in 2008.