Get a Mullet Up Ya! Tales from the Tinny

It’s all about fishing in the Top End … sort of.

Come on a fishing trip with ABC Darwin’s Rob Smith, Tim Moore and Mario ‘McFadge’ Faggion as they chart the croc-filled waters of the Top End, doing what they do best — telling tall tales, drinking beer, and crapping on. As one keen fan put it in a warm recommendation, ‘The crap you blokes talk on air is the exact crap spoken on my boat.’

And this book is full of it — stuffed full of anecdotes about the colourful characters and  wild, vibrant landscape of the Top End, but more than that, it’s a book about mateship, fish, and the elaborate and exaggerated fishing claims that two guys who have been drinking beer all morning might make.

Soaked through with irreverent humour, fishy fables, Top End folklore, jokes at other people’s expense, fake adverts and satirical cartoons, this will make a great gift for Dad this Christmas.

And did we mention the fish? There’s a lot of them. And a lot of arguing about them.

Rob Smith and colleague Tim Moore present Tales from the Tinny every Saturday morning out of Darwin, where they both live. Rob is a radio producer with previous journalism experience and has written a number of humorous articles on the subject of fishing for newspapers and magazines.

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Ode to the mullet

I love thee with raging desire so keen,

Cold buckets of water shall nay dull it.

You are my mate, my bait,

And as I stick a hook up thy date,

I thank the almighty for you –

Faithfull mullet.


–          Rob Smith

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Clayton Wehner

Clayton is the founder and managing director of Boomerang Books. In a past life, Clayton worked for 12 years as an intelligence officer in the Australian Army and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He is a graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy and the Royal Military College Duntroon and holds a BA (Hons) in Political Science and a Master of Management Studies (Human Resource Management) from the UNSW. He is also a trained Indonesian linguist and served with the United Nations in East Timor as an interpreter/translator.