Future Father’s Day Fun – More Picture Books for the Family

The ties and monogramed mugs might already be tucked away but here a ute-full of picture books littlies will love sharing with dad, any day of the year. After you’ve checked out Romi’s Father’s Day round up, check out these, sometimes cheeky, titles too.

Funniest Dad in the World by Ed Allen and Louis Shea

This is an outrageous take on one-up-man-ship. Explosively colourful illustrations collaborate with a text that increasingly becomes more and more hilarious and unbelievable as various animal youngsters try to ‘out describe’ just how funny their dad is. Winners get to construct the super cool shiny Funniest Dad in the World trophy included in the back. Pre-schoolers will get a thrill out of second-guessing the riotous attempts at bragging rights. Top marks for Dad’s Day.

Scholastic Australia August 2017

Lullaby and Goodnight by P Crumble and Kim Dale

A CD by Miranda Tapsell accompanies this gentle bedtime story. Lilting rhyme will bring daddies and carers closer to their little ones as they snuggle down after a long day, just like all the Aussie animal babies featured in this tender picture book. Dale’s heart-melting illustrations really steal the show, each full of striking texture and form. This is a warm reassuring affirmation of love between parents and their offspring ideal for the very young and new parents.

Scholastic Australia August 2017

Stubborn Stanley by Nathaniel Eckstrom

Stanley is a kid nifty with a hammer and nails and inventing things. In true Leonardo Da Vinci style, Stanley creates the most astounding machines and do-hickies, trouble is, they just aren’t any fun and definitely no fun to use alone. After some deep introspection, Stanley thankfully discovers the joy of working with others and the benefits of shared minds and ideas. I love Eckstrom’s treatment of dealing with a simple emotional adjustment and his sweet portrayal of Stanley and Martha, Stanley’s erstwhile saviour. Fun for dads and kids under eight.

Scholastic Australia August 2017

 Dragons: Father and Son by Alexandre Lacroix and Ronan Badel

I adore this clever portrayal of a son trying his best to live up to his father’s expectations. When little dragon Drake’s father one day proclaims that he must burn down a villager’s house to prove he is a real dragon, Drake worries all night. He hardly ever uses his fire breath but is anxious to do his father’s bidding. Upon entering the village, he encounters humans for the first time and discovers that there are other more ingenious ways to prove ones worth. Without ever having to set one splinter alight, Drake eventually wins his father’s pride and the villagers’ respect. Dragons: Father and Son, charms and amuses in monstrous quantities and  is a deliciously satisfying read to share over a succession of nights guaranteed to strengthen daddy son and daughter relationships.

Words and Pictures imprint Aurum Press English version 2017

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson 25th Anniversary edition

Although this classic alludes to the relationship of three home-alone babies and their mother, Owl Babies works equally well using Daddy in lieu of mum. Sarah, Percy and Bill react with increasing agitation after they awaken one night to discover their mother is missing. Young readers will instantly recognise the unfounded worry that comes so unbidden to many of them and sigh with collective relief following the return of the absent parent.  Deeply evocative illustrations and sweet inclusive text make Owl Babies a lifetime keeper. This special gold foil embossed version marks the 25th Anniversary of its release and is available as a board book and in paperback.

Walker Books Australia August 2017

Animals Rock + other Wild Songs by Beau Young and Susy Boyer with Shelley Craft

This is a bit of lightweight fun fronted by singer/songwriter, Beau Young and Shelley Craft. Boyer’s bold drawings accompany a sing-a-long book of rocking animals to the CD included. Dads and their prodigy have lots to giggle and jive about with this interactive, high-energy experience. I couldn’t help chuckling at the crooning croc and his fishing exploits, so indicative of many a dad on father’s day. Rollicking fun for the under-fives and their parents.

Koala Books imprint of Scholastic Australia August 2017





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