The Let’s Go Wild books are a new children’s series from acclaimed adventurer, filmaker, author and artist, Sorrel Wilby.

Sorrel has published a number of books recounting her amazing adventures around the world and with her Let’s Go Wild series she hopes to bring her passion and enthusiasm for animals and nature to a whole new audience.

These books are great for kids who love humorous non-fiction – and adults seem to love them too. The books provide all sorts of fascinating facts about animals.

JUST FOR THE RECORD is all about How High, How Fast, How Strong and How Big animals are and the book introduces kids to some quirky animal habits. Kids will be amazed at the incredible achievements of the animal kingdom. “In this world there are even prizes for coming last.”

Each chapter has all sorts of interesting trivia and a Did You Know segment full of all sorts of weird and wonderful facts. Despite being non-fiction, the text is never dry and is broken up by hilarious black and white illustrations from talanted Michelle Pike (also known as Spikey).

SKIN DEEP as the name suggests is all about the suits of armour that protect animals from predators and from the climatic conditions of their environment. With animals, what’s on the outside really counts – it’s essential to their survival. Animals use their skin to attract or repel, hide or stand out and stay cool or warm.

Readers of Sorrel’s SKIN DEEP will find out why birds have feathers, how animals play hide and seek and how bald can be beautiful in the animal kingdom. If the lively text and illustrations don’t have them giggling, the jokes at the end will raise a smile.

Here’s a sample:

Why was the bald man walking around with two rabbits on his head?

Because from a distance, he thought they’d look like hares.

See how sick the humour is? Kids will just love it. Sorrel’s passion for what she is writing about shines through in these books and so does her humour which seems to match perfectly with illustrator, Michelle Pike’s obvious sense of fun.

Current titles in the series are

They are for readers aged 7 to 10 and will appeal to kids who love collecting weird facts and trivia. A great way for them to have fun learning about animal kingdom.

The Let’s Go Wild series is published by ABC Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


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