The new Hazard River books are full of adventure, great characters and plenty of humour.

10 year old, Jack Wilde and 6 year old brother, Ben like to spend time at Hazard River, but it always seems to lead to trouble. Jack thinks of himself as a bit of a boy genius and is always trying to come up with the most ‘brilliant plan ever’, like in Shark Frenzy when he decides to find out who is killing the Hazard River sharks. He spends a lot of time saving his brother and eating Pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce and sprinkles whenever he gets the chance.

Jack’s bossy friend, Lachlan is 12 years old and he likes to play practical jokes on his friends and this can lead to some tense moments like the time he pretends to be a shark in Shark Frenzy. His nickname is the Master of Disaster and when you read Shark Frenzy, you’ll understand why he gets called this a lot.

The other character in the gang is 12 year-old Mimi, sometimes called Professor Bigbrains because she seems to know everything about everything.

With Jack’s brilliant plans, Ben’s habit of collecting smelly dead things, Lachlan’s ability to find disaster and Mimi’s brains, it’s no wonder there’s plenty of conflict at Hazard River.

In Shark Frenzy, the four set out to find out who has been killing sharks and cutting off their fins. If they don’t catch the culprits soon, the Grey Nurse colony in the area could become even more endangered.

There are plenty of tense moments in this adventure, but it’s also full of humour and typical kid behaviour, like when the kids drink all the soft drink out of the baddy’s fridge.

Snake Surprise is the second book in the Hazard River series and Jack’s boring wet day soon turns to adventure when he finds a note on an abandoned boat with the words ‘Help Me’.

The gang must find out who needs help and why, but it soon becomes clear that they could be the ones in the most danger.

Snake Surprise is another page-turner from start to finish.

As well as being full of the humour and adventure that kids love, the Hazard River books are a manageable length and have amazing colour cover illustrations created by Deltora cover illustrator, Marc McBride.

The Hazard River series also features themes of friendship, loyalty and the environment; making them great for classroom discussions.

These books have great characters and readers will enjoy the unique voice of author, JE Fison who admits to being an international adventurer who has come face-to-face with a lion, shaken hands with an orang-utan and eaten wok-fried grasshoppers.

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The Hazard River Series is published by Ford Street.

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