Flame Stands Waiting is a beautiful new picture book written by Corinne Fenton and illustrated by Sebastian Ciaffaglione.

This moving story is for four-year-olds and upwards. It’s about Flame, a golden carousel horse with a sad heart.

Unlike the other horses, who are designed to move up and down, Flame was built to stand still. The children choose to ride on the turning, dancing horses and Flame is left waiting. Until one day, a little girl who has always dreamed of riding the beautiful horses comes to ride the carousel…

Author, Corinne Fenton says, Flame Stands Waiting is about wanting something enough to make it real – and believing in your dreams.

She hopes that Flame Stands Waiting will

help younger readers see the power of imagination and grandparents will be reminded of their own childhoods and be caught up in the magic.

I asked Corinne to tell me about the writing process.

Where did the inspiration for Flame Stands Waiting come from?

Way before I ever had Queenie published and certainly before The Dog on the Tuckerbox, I had started Flame. One day my mother said to me, ‘You know the first thing your grandmother wanted to do when she moved to Melbourne (from Tasmania) was to ride the carousel at Luna Park.’  So, Flame began.

Why is Flame unique?

Flame is different from the other horses because he cannot move – but although his heart is sad, it is strong.

What did you enjoy most about writing Flame Stands Waiting?

I enjoyed finding the most perfect words.

What was the hardest thing about writing this book?

The rewrites and the waiting.

“Wanting something enough to make it real – and believing in your dreams” is what turns would-be writers into authors according to Corinne.

I became an author through sheer dogged, persistence – and some luck thrown in as well. The hardest part is continuing to believe in yourself, against all odds.

Corinne’s tip for new writers is

Believe in yourself and if you be persistent you’ll get where you want to go.

If you love writing, just get on with it. If you have something to say, a story to tell, you’ll find a way to do it, no matter what you’re up against.

Corinne is also the author of Queenie-One Elephant’s Story and The Dog on the Tuckerbox. Her books are a blend of social history and beautiful storytelling.

Flame Stands Waiting is published by Black Dog Books, and readers who enjoy Corinne’s books will be pleased to know that she has another five picture books and a junior novel in progress.

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Dee White

Dee White lives with her husband and two sons in a small rural country town which has more kangaroos than people. She has worked as an advertising copywriter and journalist and has had numerous career changes because until recently, writing wasn’t considered to be a proper job. Letters to Leonardo, her first novel with Walker Books Australia, was published in 2009 to great critical acclaim.