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Easter has snuck up on us once again – and surprised me like that first glimpse of eggy tinsel in the grass. I love this time of year, when the weather is beginning to cool, hot cross buns are fragrant from the oven, and families and friends come together to celebrate a very special time on the calendar. I, for one, am so happy to see a four-day stretch of rest ahead, and of course, when I’m happy, I think of books.

In the spirit of Easter, I share with you some of my very favourite Easter titles. Some are old, some are new, but all are festive to this choc-dipped season celebrating the miracle of life and rebirth. I hope you find a new treasure or revisit an old one.

Happy Easter, everyone!

The Great Big Aussie Easter Egg Hunt
Its Easter time in Australia, mate And were searching high and low. Its the great big Aussie Easter egg hunt… Get ready, get set, and GO! Journey with lots of Aussie animals through iconic Australian landmarks and landscapes in this fun tale about a great big Aussie Easter egg hunt. Can you spot the bilby as it hides the Easter eggs? (Scholastic)

The Biggest Easter Basket Ever
As Mouseville prepares for a gala Easter celebration on the village green, complete with a biggest Easter Basket contest, two lovable mice learn a lesson in cooperation – and fun! Town mouse Clayton and country mouse Desmond continue to teach the benefits of collaboration and friendship in this sweet story centred around a joyful holiday. This edition features a foil cover and stickers, so you can join in the fun! (Scholastic)

My Little Easter Egg
A small child in a bunny suit hides Easter eggs for her fuzzy friends, the duck, lamb, and bumblebee. On the final spread the child shares an Easter treat with a chick-a-dee. With festive die-cut pages, fabric-collage artwork, and an adorable felt finger puppet, My Little Easter Basket is a perfect Easter gift, and great for holiday reading and playtime fun! (Chronicle Books)

The Easter Egg
Hoppi, the lovable bunny hero, and her remarkable Easter Rabbit will enchant readers as they pore over illustrations of dazzling eggs made by Flora Bunny, Aunt Sassyfrass and other adorable characters. If Hoppi can make the best Easter egg, he will get to help the Easter Rabbit deliver the eggs on Easter morning. But it’s not an easy task. Discouraged, he goes into the woods to think. There, he finds a blue robin’s egg which has fallen out of its nest. Hoppi feels sorry for the egg and keeps it safe and warm until the egg hatches – but she’s in for a surprise. (Putnam Publishing Group)

The Great Easter Egg Scramble
Oh dear, the Easter Bunny’s in a bit of a muddle. He’s been so busy preparing for his party that he’s forgotten to deliver eggs to all of his friends! So off he scrambles at top speed. But when Mrs Duck hatches a baby croc and the Turtles become parents to a penguin chick, the Easter Bunny’s mix-up soon becomes clear. Will he be able to sort out the muddle? And let’s hope it doesn’t spoil the party! A fabulously funny rhyming text with adorable illustrations. (Macmillan Children’s Books)

If I Were the Easter Bunny
Hop into Easter with this sweet, seasonal picture book! A little rabbit dreams of being the Easter Bunny; hiding lots and lots of Easter eggs all over the meadow, having tea parties, making Easter bonnets and leading the way in the Easter Parade. It’s certainly a busy job, but full of chocolate fun! (HarperCollins)

Spot’s First Easter
It’s Easter! There’s lots of fun (and chocolate!) to be had for Spot and all his friends in this charming outing for a classic character. (Puffin)

The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Games
When the rabbits decide to stop delivering Easter eggs, all the bush animals want to be the new Easter Bunny. After all, Easter wouldn’t be the same without eggs! But how can the rabbits choose the best animal for the job? The lop-eared rabbit has an idea – and that’s when the Easter games begin. (Working Title Press)

The Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs
Discover the wonder of spring with The Berenstain Bears! With visions of chocolate bunnies and jellybeans dancing in her head, it’s no wonder why Sister can’t wait for Easter and the Giant Beartown Easter Egg Hunt. Mama Bear worries though. Is the true meaning of Easter getting lost in the hunt? Or will the miracle of spring help Sister Bear find a whole new appreciation for the season? (Random House)

Fair Dinkum Aussie Easter
There are so many truly Aussie Easter activities, from going on holiday with the family to giving and receiving Easter eggs to hot cross buns and Easter hat parades! This book is a celebration of the Australian Easter experience with songs for all the family to enjoy. Colin Buchanan’s often humorous lyrics are sung to original compositions as well as to such favourite tunes as ‘Click Go the Shears’, ‘Little Peter Rabbit’ and ‘Advance Australia Fair’. (Scholastic)

My First Story of Easter
My First Story of Easter helps young children understand the true meaning of the Easter season. The carefully written story is brought to life by the endearing illustrations of artist Roger Langton. (Candle Books)

Bunny’s Easter Egg
Bunny has spent a long night hiding Easter eggs, and now it’s time to get some rest. But when she burrows down to sleep, something disturbs her, and everywhere else she tries to nap just isn’t right. She tries the old oak tree–“too noisy!” She tries a little boat on the lily pond–“too wet!” She tries the greenhouse–“oh no!” “Where will Bunny go?” Anne Mortimer’s charming story is just right for Easter-time sharing. (Katherine Tegen Books)

The Biggest Easter Egg
Emily Elizabeth and Clifford love decorating Easter eggs. But are there any eggs big enough for Clifford to color? An ostrich has the answer! (Scholastic)

Easter in the Garden
Pamela Kennedy deftly weaves a touching retelling of the first Easter as seen through a child’s eyes. Micah experiences first-hand both the loss of Jesus when he is crucified and the joy of his Resurrection. ‘The man told the women that Jesus was not dead! He was alive! …Micah was so excited he almost fell out of the tree!’ Alive with rich illustrations, this original retelling is sure to captivate children of all ages. (Ideals Publishing Corporation)

I Love Easter
Meet Ollie, a gorgeous, lively zebra, Fred the dog and all of Ollie’s friends. In I Love Easter, join Ollie and Fred as they visit the Easter fair, make hats for the Easter parade, and have fun on the egg hunt. (Scholastic)

The Easter Party
It is a windy day, so Rocky Rabbit and Chubby Chick are out flying their kite. When it gets taken by the wind, everyone else is too busy to help them find it. The two friends spy their brightly-coloured kite tapping at a strange door in a tree trunk. A sleepy-eyed bunny comes to answer the tapping and takes the two chums back home in time to enjoy a special Easter surprise. (Frances Lincoln Childrens Books)

Easter ABCs
This Easter book helps children learn the wonderful things that took place on Easter and how to respond to them. (Concordia Publishing House)

The Legend of the Easter Egg
While preparing for Easter in his small prairie town, Thomas hears the story of the resurrection of Jesus and discovers the meaning of new life through the symbolism of the Easter egg. Includes an information page about the traditions and symbols of Lent and Easter. (Zondervan)

The Story of Easter
An informative look at the most holy of Christian holidays. After reading about the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, children learn how Easter got its name and about the practices and traditions that arc a part of the holiday in different parts of the world. (Little Golden Books)

Easter Day Alphabet
“No need to bring a basket. No need to walk or run. Here is another Easter-egg hunt that will be just as fun.” A bunny artist has hidden a golden egg on every beautifully illustrated page of the Easter Day Alphabet. Through ham to hunts, knock eggs to nests and zigzags to bonnets, can you find all of the eggs from A to Z? Easter Day Alphabet is a simple way for children to learn more about the origins of popular holiday happenings while mastering their ABCs. Did you know that people believed playing games with eggs would help their plants grow? That white Easter lilies were brought to America from Bermuda more than 100 years ago? (Pelican Publishing)

My Little Easter Story
Bright illustrations help the story along, telling little children about all the events of the first Easter: Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and Palm Sunday; Jesus’ clearing of the Temple; the Last Supper and Judas’ betrayal; Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection; the appearance of the risen Jesus to the women at the tomb; and the spreading of the good news throughout the world. (Lion Hudson)

Learn about Easter eggs and try out a delicious recipe for an edible bird’s nest. Kids discover the meaning of and pastimes associated with Easter. This title teaches children about traditions passed down through the ages and explores how Easter is celebrated today. (Child’s World)


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