Down the Rabbit Hole (into the bookcase)

My partner and I are house-hunting for a bigger place and I figure this is the perfect chance to select places that contain space for the ultimate home indulgence. Not a spa bath or sunroom or walk-in wardrobe (although they would be nice) – I’m gunning for a library.

I’ve had a yen for a bookroom since I stayed in a home where the entire bathroom had been converted into a reading room, with books, glorious books, stretching from floor to ceiling on two of the walls. Going to the bathroom in that house tended to take about ten times as long as it needed to.

Seeing that numerous celebrities had indulged their bibliophile tendencies by creating their own libraries also didn’t help me squash my urges. But what really set it off was this picture, shared on Facebook and G+ and probably lots of other social networks that I am not cool enough to know about yet. This is not merely a book room, this is a book-room with a bookcase that opens to lead to another room, apparently also full of books and bookcases. It’s some sort of Batcave for an avidly reading reclusive superhero. A Bookcave.

It. Must. Be. Mine.

Sadly, I have no idea how to get it. I can’t find out the original source of the picture (although I have seen it claimed variously to be in NZ, the USA and built by a company in Ireland, so someone is telling porkie-pies).  Someone clearly designed and built this thing. I thought of finding a woodworking builder and then leaving them to it, but even they don’t always know what to do as this post on Woodweb shows. A little searching did find websites for a company that offer to install secret passages and hidden rooms in your own home, thrilling my inner 9-year-old who is still obsessed with Enid-Blyton. They seem more preoccupied with security than book-hoarding, possibly as if you afford their services you may need somewhere to store your loot.

We don’t have a few hundred thousand spare floating around the place but there are also websites that tell you how to build your own “hidden door” bookshelf. This is an absolutely fool-proof plan apart from the fact that I have two left thumbs when it comes to DIY and find even the simplest of IKEA instructions as challenging as reading Twilight without throwing up.

Reading this didn't help.

Also, it has been pointed out we don’t actually have a new house yet. Details, details.

Sadly, with the budget we do have it looks unlikely that I’ll be getting my Bookcave, or even spare wing to house my large library. But I have at least secured a promise that, whatever size home we end up in, we’ll make space for at least one more bookshelf.

Maybe even two or three if we can. Or four. Four is a nice number. We can find the space. I mean, really, who needs a second bathroom anyway? Guests? Well, if we just fill the spare room full of books they won’t be able to stay with us. Which will neatly solve the second bathroom issue too.


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