Daddy’s Day Delights – Picture Books to Share with Dad

The thing about dads is, they’re just big kids in slightly longer pants. No matter whether your dad, or grandpa, is the bouncy, flouncy type, the serious, steady kind or the biggest kid in the house, this little collection of picture books pay homage to them all and are perfect to share with your dad on Daddy’s Day this year. Enjoy!

I Love You Dino-Daddy by Mark Sperring and Sam Lloyd

This winning picture book team have done it again with a perfectly rhyming, boldly colourful, dino-deluxed romp around the house and park with Dad.  Dino-Daddy packs plenty of playful punch and is a hilarious gallery of the unending personas the average daddy undergoes on a daily basis.  Builder Dad, Sleeping Beauty Dad, Party Dad, Monster Dad, each scenario mirrors the all the rip-snorting, sometimes unexpected qualities of fatherhood that come with the job and cement father child relationships. Ideal for sharing quietly or not so quietly with children from two years and up.

Bloomsbury for Children June 2018

The Daddy Shop by Aleesah Darlison and Kelly O’Gara

Unlike mummies, some daddies can’t be there every minute of every day (she says with tongue in cheek for this story works equally well if the roles were reversed). Unfortunately, little Tai’s daddy is one of those daddies whose work sometimes prevents him from spending time with his son. This makes Tai cross and recalcitrant enough to take matters into his own hands when he learns daddy is unable to make it to the Father and Son Picnic Day.

When he discovers The Daddy Shop offers replacement daddies, off he trundles, determined to find a new daddy. Unfortunately, after several failed attempts to install a substitute dad in his life, none of them quite fit his ideal daddy. Mummy prompts Tai to explore his expectations and that’s when he discovers, the perfect daddy was with him all along.

This is a charming story of accepting that your grass is actually greener on your side than you think, told in a way that will appeal to very young children. The dynamics of family relationships, parental responsibilities and childhood expectations are explored and ably supported with O’Gara’s eye-popping, illustrations. Panda Tai is beyond cute and lovely to share in kindergarten and home environments.

Wombat Books August 2018

Time for School Daddy by Dave Hackett

From the author of the outrageously funny, Time for Bed Daddy, comes the next important step in the day in the life of Daddy, school. This time, Daddy is just as unmanageable and twice as reluctant to get out of bed, eat breakfast and get dressed. Once again, Hackett guides us through the frustrations endured and cajoling required to get toddlers, aka ones father, to do what’s required. Suffused with bright than bright dramatic irony, each bouncy illustration moves daddy ever closer to the inevitable daily departing of ways. Hearts will swell with familiarity and love with this story, which is equally as useful as ‘a going to school reference’.

UQP February 2018

My Dad is a Robot by Matt Cosgrove

There’s not an alpaca in sight but you’ll be in robo heaven with this funny visual analogy of dad as a robot. In many ways, fathers can be robots; responding to situations, home duties and fatigue in the best way they know how; in a semi-zombified-comatosed state, which closely resembles robotism!  This robot’s son however is under no illusions; his robot dad is not entirely the perfect, robust, intelligent automated machine that he appears to be. His has faults, many faults, which his barefaced son attributes to being ‘an older model’. This is fun, fun and more instantly recognisable fun. Dad’s air of forbearance rings piercingly true and will have adult readers creasing with giggles as much as their children. A clever, lively story that shows how strong parent child relationships can emulate love and devotion.

Koala Books, Scholastic August 2018

Hide and Seek with Grandpa by Ed Allen and Nicky Johnston

Grand fathers are often very different people to the fathers they were. With this new role comes a certain feeling of unrestrained freedom, a transferral of obligations and a sense of conviviality that allows them to revel in parenthood all over again, this time, with less stress!

This anthropomorphic, cup-cake coloured romp around the park with grandpa is exactly that; an expression of the love between a grandfather and his grandchildren as they engage in a game of hide and seek.

Johnston’s illustrations delightfully reflect the beguiling egocentricity of young cubs, providing a jolly look-and-find set up on each page. Young children will connect with these simple yet playful scenarios, which end with a cheeky twist and role reversal. I love grandpa lion’s bespectacled, bushy-eyebrow expressions and his infinite patience.

Perfect for special shared grandparental moments on father’s day.

Scholastic Australia August 2018



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