Book Review: Torment, by Lauren Kate

Ah, Lauren Kate. You do torture me so.

When I read Fallen, I must admit, it didn’t particularly exceed my expectations. I expected a nice ‘fallen angel’ YA romance and that’s pretty much what I got.

Lucky for me, the followup, Torment offers much, much more.

Spoilers for Fallen will have to follow – you have been warned!

By the end of Fallen we left teen Luce at the oppressive Swords and Cross school having to deal with the news that her one true love (Daniel) is an angel. In Torment, the warring angels have called a truce between themselves for a short while, and so Daniel insists on protecting Luce by keeping her at a literal distance, enrolling her in a luxurious private school reserved for students of the nephilim class. Luce is an instant celebrity around the nephilim who have grown up hearing the romantic reincarnation legend of Luce and Daniel, but Luce can’t help but feel frustrated. While Daniel goes about doing his mysterious angel business, Luce is kept in the dark and begins questioning her feelings for Daniel.

I felt like there was so much more action going on with this book than its predecessor, Fallen, and it pays off for the reader. And I was engrossed with the new additions to the storyline, particularly the addition of several interesting secondary characters (including an angel/demon couple)!

But what really puts this book a step above the mainstream YA paranormal romance is the heroine herself. Luce is sensible and headstrong, and it seems that Lauren Kate has been listening to bloggers’ cries for sassifying female protagonists. In fact, Luce as a character might even seem a little impatient and bossy for some – to me, she was more than a little frustrating, but all in all I much prefer her strong outlook to the usual damsel-in-distress suspects.

Yep, I’m back on the wagon to see how this whole love triangle turns out in Book 3, and whether there’ll be this massive angel showdown of good versus evil (I’d say there will be…I’m HOPING there will be)…

It so often happens that the second book in the trilogy falls by the wayside- it feels like a filler. I can happily report that this isn’t the case with Torment. And if you want my personal feelings on it – Torment as the second instalment of the series, is better than the first.

Torment is released in Australia at the end of September, 2010.

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