Book Diets (Not Diet Books)

2832-popular_diet_booksThere has been a lot of controversy recently about different diet books out on the market and while eating healthy is very important we also mustn’t forget to feed out minds. So I’ve come up with a few Book Diets based on popular fad diet books:

  • The Fast Diet (aka The 5:2 Diet)

Now you can do this one two ways. Try and make time for reading 5 days a week and have 2 days off or try and make reading time 2 days a week and have 5 days off. I know what my preference would be.

  • The Paleo Diet

This diet is about getting back to basics. The pure form would be to read only books written on stone tablets but I’ve modified it to be a digital-free reading diet. Read only paper, no ereaders and no modern day tablet reading. Surprisingly this is suitable for children unlike it’s food counterpart.

  • The Atkins Diet

This diet is about lowering book carbs. So only short books in this one. Short stories are recommended otherwise stick to books under 250 pages.

  • The Dukan Diet

This diet is about increasing book protein. So only big tomes in this one. No books under 600 pages. This is about building your book reading muscles (and your arms too).

  • The Read Right for your Blood Type Diet

This diet (like many out there) has absolutely no scientific merit when it comes to reading.

– Type O readers – intense books. Keep your reading on the edge of your seat

– Type A readers – keep it fresh. New releases only. If a book is more than a month old it is off your reading list.

– Type B readers – high tolerance. Any book you start you must finish. No putting down after a couple of chapters. It is all or nothing for you.

– Type AB readers – this is a combination diet. New release only and not putting down after starting.

  • The 20/20 Diet

This diet is about making sure you read at least 20 different genres throughout the year. Try some fantasy or science fiction. Get some non-fiction into your reading diet with a biography or travel memoir. And of course don’t forget poetry.

  • No Sugar Diet

This is about getting rid of all things sweet from your reading. No romance, no happy endings. This is all about reading the real dark, depressing stuff.

  • GI Diet

This one is about reading some real slow burners. Be wary of those roller coaster rides focus on those books that slowly build the tension all the way to the end.

  • Balanced Diet

Of course the best reading diet is getting a good balance of the 5 book groups; Literary, Mystery, Biography, History and Children’s. And make sure you have your gender balance of authors right too otherwise it won’t be healthy reading.


What other book diets should there be?

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  1. This is brilliant, love this idea! How about the lemon detox diet, where you can’t read any trashy celebrity magazines for 14 days?

    Or the liquid soup diet, where you can only read books by Russian authors? LOL!

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