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In recent years, blogging has become the in thing. It seems that every man and has dog is getting in on it. People blog on a HUGE range of topics, from the intensely personal (often fitting into the “too much information” category, thus only able to be read whilst chanting “la-la-la-la” really loudly) through to public commentary. Seeing as Literary Clutter is a blog about books and writing, I thought I’d focus on author blogs.

There are lots of authors out there who blog regularly. Reading their blogs can be a great way to introduce yourself to their writing. Chances are, if you like their blog, you might like their books.

Authors blog for a variety of reasons. It can be a way of promoting themselves and their books. It can be a way of keeping themselves writing regularly, even when they are not working on a new book. It can be an outlet for opinions and a testing ground for ideas. And it can be a great way for them to interact with their readers. I asked a couple of author-bloggers to briefly tell us about their blogging.

First up we have Karen Tayleur, whose latest book is the YA novel Six. You can read her blog here.

Blogging is a way to hook into the writing universe in a way that you can’t do on Facebook. Unless your readers click a followers icon, you’re never sure who, if anyone, is listening. The best part of blogging is the interaction with your readers. I’m always surprised when someone in real life mentions reading the blog. I wish they’d leave a message online. I like to talk about writing and stories, although home life sometimes creeps in. It’s all grist for the mill. I like reading other writers blogs. It’s interesting to see what makes them tick.

Next up we have Sue Bursztynski. Her most recent non-fiction book is Crime Time, and her new YA fantasy novel, Wolfborn, is to be released by Woolshed Press in December. You can read her blog here.

My blog,The Great Raven, mostly reviews children’s and YA books. I started it because January Magazine, for which I review, is overflowing with material and doesn’t publish more than one review at a time per author, so can take a while to publish your stuff.

I don’t post as often as many other bloggers; I’d rather throw my energies into writing books than posts. But blogs are easier to update than other forms of web site if you’re not an expert, and they’re a great way to publicise.

My “followers” include two of my former editors, some friends, a bookseller and fellow writers. Some of them aren’t on my visible followers list, so it’s a wonderful surprise when they pop up with a comment now and then. When I announced proudly that I’d sold my first novel, to Random House/Woolshed, I got some very enthusiastic congratulations.

I like the immediacy of blogging – and it’s becoming, more and more, a mainstream form of writing and publishing.

Thanks you, Karen and Sue, for visiting Literary Clutter.

There are lots of author blogs out there that are worth reading. If you’ve got a favourite author, why not Google then and see if they write a blog? I read quite a lot of author blogs, some more regularly than others. Here’s a small selection of those:

If you know of any other good author blogs, leave a comment.

And tune in next time for some of my favourite book covers.

Cheers,  George

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