Black Caviar: The Horse of a Lifetime – and NEVER been beaten

She has captured the heart of a nation like no sporting figure since the days of Phar Lap and Don Bradman. This is greatness the likes of which is rarely seen. This is a tale that will not weary. This is the authorised story of the horse that has never been beaten.

Black Caviar is the most recognisable sports star in the country. When she races, it is front-page news.  Having achieved the perfect record of 22 wins, her place in the history books is already internationally assured. Leading trainer Peter Moody’s mare, with her devoted army of salmon pink-and-black-spotted fans, is a product of her times: she has her own blog, Facebook page and Twitter account. And now, with this book about her deeds and effect on racing and society more broadly, she has her first biography.

Appointed official biographer of Black Caviar, Gerard Whateley has unprecedented access and the unique vantage point of having called 15 of Black Caviar’s 22 record-breaking wins, which — combined with meticulous research — ensures his Black Caviar is the definitive story of the horse of a lifetime.

Whateley says: ‘Like so much of the nation, Black Caviar has captured my sports-loving heart. this is greatness the likes of which is so rarely seen. the emotion and devotion she inspires give the generations a chance to experience what our grandparents knew when Phar Lap ruled the turf. This is a story that will not weary: the horse that couldn’t be beaten. It has been both a privilege and a responsibility to share the career of Black Caviar with listeners and viewers of the ABC; now it is the thrill of a career to tell her story in print.’

Moody says: ‘I’ve been round horses all my life and never known one better than Black Caviar. I find judging her place in the history of racing hard. I’m so close to her … this much I know: I won’t live to see another horse like Black Caviar.’

Colin and Jannene Madden, on behalf of the co-owners, say: ‘Gerard Whateley has succeeded in capturing her story in a way few others could do … We read her story with pride, awe and emotion.’

Black Caviar begins with the entrancing story of champion trainer Peter Moody, a self-made man bred in the remote outback of Queensland, who came to select and guide one of the fastest, and the most successful, horses the world has ever seen. Under Moody’s patient and masterful guidance, the hulking, injury-prone filly matured into a champion, idolised by a devoted following more akin to fans of a rock band than a racehorse.

Black Caviar has returned racing to the glory days of more than half a century past and secured a reputation that will echo for as long as horses are sent out to race.

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About the Author

Synonymous with the ABC for more than a decade, Gerard Whateley began his career with the Herald Sun and was a reporter with Channels Seven and Ten before joining the ABC to fulfil a childhood dream to call the country’s finest sports. He currently spearheads the Melbourne end of ABC’s Grandstand at events ranging from the Melbourne Cup to the AFL Grand Final and the Olympic Games. An institution on radio, Gerard has a commanding presence on ABC1’s flagship sport program Offsiders in addition to hosting the nightly program AFl360 on Fox Footy. In 2008 he became only the seventh man to call the Melbourne Cup for the ABC, a heritage that dates back to 1925.

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Clayton Wehner

Clayton is the founder and managing director of Boomerang Books. In a past life, Clayton worked for 12 years as an intelligence officer in the Australian Army and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He is a graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy and the Royal Military College Duntroon and holds a BA (Hons) in Political Science and a Master of Management Studies (Human Resource Management) from the UNSW. He is also a trained Indonesian linguist and served with the United Nations in East Timor as an interpreter/translator.