Best YA Romances For Valentine’s Day

Considering it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, I decided it’s entirely appropriate to list some of my favourite Young Adult romances. I’m not the biggest romance fan? But it is a squishy moment of intense happiness when a couple defies the odds and gets together. Wild applause from me!



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  • ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES: This is definitely a tragic sort of romance, but so addictive and beautiful and heart-lifting. I mean, it lifts your spirits and then makes you cry. But all the good books do that, don’t doubt me. Violet and Finch are definitely adorable and the way they help piece each other’s broken lives back together is incredible.
  • THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF CINNAMON GIRL: Speaking of incredible….THIS BOOK. It has a “best friend” romance, where Alba and Grady have to figure out if they love each other more than friends or not. The story is entirely adorably gorgeous.
  • SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA: This is another intense cute-fest (that is totally a word, don’t doubt me) where not-so-openly-gay Simon is falling in love with his email-pal, Blue. Except he doesn’t know WHO Blue is. The banter is witty and quick and the romance is slow burning and excellently written. I was squeaking at the end. SQUEAKING.



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  • THE PERCY JACKSON SERIES: Can this post even exist without mentioning Percy and Annabeth?! (Or #Percabeth as is their ship name.) I will happily shriek my love for these two. She’s sensible and he’s a dork. Can they be more perfect?!
  • THE WRATH AND THE DAWN: This is a retelling of the 1001 Arabian Nights, where Khalid kills his wives after being married to them for one day. THEN COMES SHAHRZAD. I was worried I would never root for these two because...what kind of guy kills all his wives?!? But trust me: there are secrets. Plot twists. And swoon-worthy scenes. (Also really delicious food, just putting it out there.)
  • CARRY ON: I think Rainbow Rowell is basically queen of cute kissing scenes, and she outdoes herself in her latest book. Simon and Baz are enemies. Hahah ha ha ha…no. Their relationship is full of friction and banter, but ultimately I found myself rooting for these two. ROOTING HARD.


S C I  –  F I 

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  • THESE BROKEN STARS: This is definitely one of the most gorgeous books (and covers!) of ever. But Lilac and Tarver?! Ohhhh, they are opposite personalities. She’s a “princess”. He’s a military brat. And their relationship is slow-burning and entirely romantic.
  • BLOOD RED ROAD: Jack and Saba have an “I hate you, I hate you, but kinda maybe I love you” thing going on…which has a tendency to be annoying? BUT NOT HERE. They keep saving each other’s lives and being there for each other in such a tough universe.
  • DISRUPTION: Okay, another “I-hate-you-I-love-you” romance (apparently they’re my favourite?!) but I have to admit Maggie and Quentin are monstrously adorable. Maggie starts off by “using” Quentin in a Grand Scheme to free her father from an evil incorporation. BUT DUM DUM DAAAA of course she develops feelings. I develop feelings. So. many. feelings.

Let me know your favourite YA romances in the comments below!

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