Angels versus Vampires – Alexandra Adornetto Weighs In

You may remember me discussing author Alexandra Adornetto’s new YA book Halo in an older post – and now Halo is released in Australia! Whoohoo! Check it out here.

 Since Halo signifies a rather grand departure from her Strangest Adventures days, I thought it might be nice to have Alex’s thoughts on the celestial beings occupying her brain…particularly since that other paranormal author Anne Rice has totally blown her cover and ruined my theory altogether (erm, thanks Anne).

So what does Alex think of angels in teen literature? Are they the next big thing…or has it already happened?

AA: Angels in teen literature are being hailed as the new vampires but that’s not entirely true. After all, they are two entirely different creatures. Vampires were once human; angels have never been human. Whilst vampires have a deadly and seductive nature – angels embody perfection to which humans can only aspire.

I think the current interest in angels reflects an interest in the paranormal in general. Angels have always been fascinating celestial beings who make appearances in the Bible to either deliver earth shattering news or warnings. They act as mediators between God and those on earth. Any being that transcends the limitations of mortality is bound to fascinate us.

HALO explores what happens when angels are sent to live and interact with humans on a daily basis. It describes the intensity of human emotions and how that can impact on these creatures that are supposedly completely impartial and detached from anything that might interfere with their heavenly duty. The aim of the novel is to show that humans can be so complex and so enthralling that even an angel falls in love with one.

Me: I’ve been definitely noticing a turn from the ‘dark angels’ idea to characters which are more ‘heavenly’ . Do you think this change represents a transformation in the YA generation’s psyche? A need to be closer to God, or religion/spirituality in general, perhaps?

AA: I think we’ve had a huge surge of vampire novels recently where the primary themes are blood, sex and violence. Maybe readers are just ready for a change. Also, I think there’s something refreshing about a book that doesn’t spell impending doom for all of humanity. Messages of hope and redemption are really important for young people. I think we all have a spiritual side, whether we associate it with religious belief or not and that’s what I’m trying to tap into.


Stay tuned for my extended interview with Alex, where we talk all things Halo…and random other stuff.

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