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Gamers RebellionThis month sees the release of my new teen novel, Gamers’ Rebellion. It is the third book in the Gamers series (YAY, I’ve achieved trilogy status) and it’s a book that’s getting three launches. Three launches? Am I being greedy? Well, there is method to my madness. Allow me to explain.

Gamers’ Rebellion is aimed at kids and young teens. The first two books, Gamers’ Quest and Gamers’ Challenge, are on the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge booklist for Years 5&6 and Years 7&8. So it seemed logical to aim a launch at this age group. That happened a few weeks ago at the Craigieburn Library Literary Festival. This Festival was aimed at local schools and was attended by many students from upper primary and lower secondary, so it was the perfect avenue to launch the book. So… in front of an auditorium crammed full of kids, the wonderful Meredith Costain (author of Disaster Chef and many other books), launched Gamers’ Rebellion with a terrific speech about video games and avatars. Here’s the vid…

The Gamers books are science fiction novels partly set within a computer game world. So although they are aimed at kids and teens, they have also found an audience among sci-fi fans and gamers. So as well as introducing the latest book to students, it seems logical to also announce it to the science fiction community. What better place is there to do that, than at Melbourne’s annual spec fic and pop culture convention, Continuum (see my post “Continuum 9”). And so, last Saturday, Narrelle M Harris (author of The Opposite of Life and Walking Shadows) launched the book to the attendees of Continuum 9. I’m very excited that Narrelle agreed to do this. Not only is she a friend and fellow author… I’m also a HUGE fan of her writing.

More about this launch and Continuum 9 in general, coming soon.

Both these launches were part of festivals and conventions that people have had to pay to attend. So I thought the book also really needed a public launch. An event that family and friends and others could come along to without paying. And thus, on Saturday 6 July, Gamers’ Rebellion will be launched a third time — at Watsonia Library. Although the launch is part of the Myths and Legends Annual Booklovers Festival, there is no cost for attending. So, come one, come all! There are details on the festival page, and I will also be posting more about it here on the Boomerang Books Blog as we get closer to the date.

There you have it folks… a book thrice launched. I’m rather excited about it all.

Catch ya later,  George

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