5 YA Books You Can Read In A Day

Reading an entire book in a day is basically living the dream. And while I’m quite the reading hooligan and often read a book a day, I particularly like books that I can whip through in a few hours. (I don’t know about you, but gargantuan books terrify me. Holding a 600-page weapon in your hands? Um, pass.)

So I have constructed a rather delectable list of Young Adult books you can get through easily in a day!


F18163646ALLING INTO PLACE by Amy Zhang

PURCHASE ~ Page count: 304

What’s it about? Basically a contemporary where a mysterious narrator details the life of Liz and how she ends up in a potentially-fatal car accident. It’s about repercussions and friendship. And the WHO of the narrator is downright unique and fabulous. But shush now, I will spill no spoilers.

Yes, 300-pages doesn’t seem like nothing. But! It explores a really outstanding writing style. The chapters are crispy and the sentence are short and bitey. Which makes a book super easy to gobble in half a heartbeat.


9781471404566PAPERWEIGHT by Meg Haston

PURCHASE ~ Page count: 304

What’s it about? Beware. This’ll probably break your heart. It’s about eating disorders and a treatment centre and a sad secret. It’s told in back-flashes and features origami. (I am an origami nerd so THIS book is glorious.)

Again, it’s 300 pages, but it’s super easy to get sucked in. It tackles such dark and tough subjects though, so possibly snuggle down to devour this one with a packet of tissues or perhaps recruit a small kitten to cuddle while you read.


9780385741262WE WERE LIARS by E. Lockhart

PURCHASE ~ Page count: 227

What’s it about? This is one of those mind-twistery books. We have an unreliable narrator talking about her summer when Something Mysterious and Bad (?!) Happened and OH MY GOSH THE REVEAL IS INCREDIBLE. It’s so hard to talk about without giving spoilers so all you need to know is this: READ IT.

It’s so quick to get through because it’s partially written in verse. The chapter are tiny and the writing is really sparse, so you’re never wading through boggy details.

9781925240160ADRIFT by Paul Griffin

PURCHASE ~ Page count: 240

What’s it about? Talk about a wet roller-coaster thriller! It’s about 5 teens who get trapped in a boat in the middle of the ocean and TERROR ENSUES. It’s a real psychological thriller. (I mean, how long would you last with no food, minimum water, and no hope of rescue?? Hmm??) And seriously it is un-put-down-able.

This one has a teeny page count, and it has a real pull to keep reading because WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??! You get very concerned these kids are going to bludgeon each other with oars and feed someone to the sharks.

9781250062987SECOND STAR by Alyssa B. Sheinmel

PURCHASE ~ Page count: 272

What’s it about? It’s a Peter Pan retelling! If…Peter was a surfer and Wendy’s brothers had run away from home, and Hook was a drug dealer. You know. Normal stuff like that. IT IS INCREDIBLE. It’s the favourite childhood classic reinvented and modernised, and totally tugs at heart strings.

It’s more of a summery, lazy book, so the pace doesn’t rocket along. But at less than 300-pages, you’re half finished in a blink! And it’s bittersweet. And clever. It’s super fascinating to see how the author incorporates elements of the original tale into a modern setting. OH THE CLEVERNESS OF THIS AUTHOR. (Yes, that was a JM Barrie quote reimagined. Appreciate this.)

Feel free to share any books-you-could-read-in-a-day suggestions in the comments and I hope you enjoyed my list!

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