New Release: Fate Knows No Tears

Fate Knows No Tears
A novel of passion and scandal in the days of the Raj
Mary Talbot Cross
ISBN 9781862547858      RRP $34.95     NZ$45.00

A new and absorbing book to accompany you on a passage through India … by Mary Talbot Cross who travelled to India several times to research and write this towering tale.¬ – Susan Kurosawa, Weekend Australian

Fate Knows No Tears, a romantic novel rich with the colour and pageantry of colonial India, charts the life of a gifted and sensitive woman’s struggle to assert her individuality at a time when women everywhere in the English-speaking world were demanding the right to self-expression, and struggling to redefine their role in society, culture and politics.

Violet Nicolson, courageous, outspoken and dangerously attractive, lived through a period of dramatic change in both India, and England. Her own life was no less challenging or exciting. For five years she shared her soldier husband’s adventures on the wild mountains of what is now Pakistan. Later, her embrace of local customs and the behaviour previously indulged by Nicolson’s regimental colleagues became the stuff of scandal; there was even talk of a native lover. Her passionate accounts of forbidden liaisons and sensuous jasmine-laden nights sent shock waves through polite Edwardian society.

Fate Knows No Tears is based on the life of Adela Nicolson (1865-1904), who found fame in 1901 writing under the pseudonym Laurence Hope. She was well known in her day for the adventurous nature of her life and the scandalous (for the times) manner of her death, who penned the Edwardian hit song that begins: ‘Pale hands I loved beside the Shalimar…’ Her fascinating story unfolds mainly in the India of the British Raj.

Mary Talbot Cross was born and educated in England, then attended Aberdeen University in Scotland, completing a degree in French language and literature. She emigrated to Australia in 1991, after which she travelled widely. She has written several books and numerous articles treating various aspects of Australian and British history, under her given name Jennifer M.T. Carter. She lives in Burra, South Australia.

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