150 Blogs = $50 Boomerang Books Voucher Giveaway!

Three things went through my mind when WordPress told me I was fast approaching 150 Boomerang Books blogs. First: WordPress can’t count. Second: Actually, I can’t count—two blogs per week multiplied by about 18 months of blogging equals around about that number. Third: Holy moly! What ever have I blogged about for those 150 blogs?!

I can’t quite fathom how many posts have been composed and published and how much time has passed since Boomerang Books took a chance on me as a blogger in about March 2010.

Nor can I believe the scope of the blogs I’ve written, with them ranging between non-fiction heavyweights about piracy, human trafficking, and vast and depressing environmental issues, and slightly-less-depressing fiction of the likes of Twilight, Harry Potter, and the oft-mentioned, oft-bemoaned Vampire Academy (just in case you weren’t aware: new book released 23 August).

Underpinning all of these varied themes is an unadulterated love of books and a need to read so strong I’ve earned something of a reputation for poaching books from family members. But I’ve written about that plenty of times. Instead, I’d like to hear about you and your habits.

To celebrate 150 blogs (and to prevent me from writing some blog that rings like Sesame Street’s Count Dracula going ‘150 blogs, ah, ah, ah!’), I have a $50 Boomerang Books voucher to give away. All you need to do to enter is tell me in 150 words or less how far you’d go (or have gone)—legally, of course!—for your love of books. The winning entry will be posted here on the Book Burglar blog. Head here to the giveaways page to enter. Good luck (or is that Happy Book Burgling?!).

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Fiona Crawford

Fiona Crawford is a freelance writer, editor, blogger, proofreader, and voracious reader. She regularly appears as a book reviewer in Australian BOOKSELLER+PUBLISHER magazine. Fiona is also (unfairly) known as the Book Burglar due to her penchant for buying family members—then permanently borrowing—books she wants to read herself.

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  1. i would do almost anything, once or actually a few times i’ve been entering giveaways. i remember spending almost a whole week looking for give aways and it actually worked i got spirit bound from the vampire academy.very good book by the way .

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