Yellow Zone by Janelle G Dyer

by - March 4th, 2009

I’m the kind who puts a book down before finishing the first chapter unless it really draws me in, and that can definitely be said for “Yellow Zone

“. The opening chapter jumps right into the style in which the book is entirely written, with the clever and witty yet easy to read format in which Janelle Dyer has provided.

Scott, the very amiable central character in the story, is at the scene of a shocking terrorist attack in Italy. He survives, but soon learns that the attack on Rome wasn’t an isolated one. Attacks take place all over the world, in the most powerful and populated locations. The battle then begins of trying to get back to Australia to find his family- if they also survived.

The story continues to create a bold, unsuspected and thought-provoking notion which makes for gripping reading. Janelle Dyer has achieved in making the most terrifying and surreal thought become a possibility. The charming characters she included in Yellow Zone add to the enjoyment of the read creating a sense of myself being involved in the plot. This book was a surprisingly exciting read, riddled with intelligent humour which resulted in me laughing out loud a number of times. I’m looking forward to Janelle’s future pulications.

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