The Top Ten Most Popular Penguins

by - July 5th, 2010

Penguin have just released their second offering of ‘Popular Penguins’, those very distinctive orange-covered books that are omnipresent in bookstores.  The second release contains 75 great new titles.  You can also see the original 99 ‘Popular Penguins’ here…

Penguin have also released a top ten list from the original release of 99 ‘Popular Penguins’.   The top ten most bought books from that series are:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Capote Truman

The Great Gatsby – Fitzgerald F Scott

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Wilde Oscar

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Doyle Arthur Conan

On The Road – Kerouac Jack

In Cold Blood – Capote Truman

The Consolations of Philosophy – De Botton Alain

Clockwork Orange – Burgess Anthony

Lolita – Nabokov Vladimir

Wuthering Heights – Bronte Emily

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