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Australian Classic Read-Along

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

There are just too many Australian classics I haven’t read and I’m sure I’m not alone on this one. I always have the intention of getting to them, but there are so many other great books and new releases clambering for attention on my TBR (to-be-read) pile, that it’s difficult to achieve. Does anyone else in the […]

No. 21 – Most Popular Aussie Novels of All Time

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

We surveyed our customers to discover the Most Popular Aussie Novels of all time – we’re counting down the Top 24 Novels between now and Christmas Eve… At #21 – The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 22.7% of all respondents have read this book Synopsis for The Book Thief by Markus Zusak It is 1939. Nazi […]

CBCA NSW 2010: Markus Zusak previews new novel, BRIDGE OF CLAY

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

One of our favourite Tweeps, @tyecat, with Markus Zusak The Conference’s other ‘International Star’ Markus Zusak stopped by on the second day and gave attendees a preview of his latest novel – the epically titled Bridge of Clay. My memory is pretty lousy, which is great, because it means this post will be kept relatively spoiler-free. Of course, if you don’t […]

Boomerang at the 2010 CBCA Imagine This! Imagine That! Conference

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Boomerang Books is proud to announce that this weekend, not only is a member of our Boomerang Books blogging team speaking at the sold-out 2010 Children’s Book Council of Australia NSW Branch Conference, but we’ll be live-blogging the two-day event – with scheduled appearances by the big names in Australian children’s writing, including Libby Gleeson, […]

The Book Burglar Meets The Book Thief

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Considering the similarity of themes, titles, and habits (that is, a girl who steals books), it’s somewhat surprising that I hadn’t, until recently, read The Book Thief. I know, I know. Given that it’s sold bucket loads in Australia, I must have been one of the only Australians not to have read it. But judging […]

Beg, Borrow, Or Steal (But Mostly Only From Family)

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

It’s dangerous to allow family members to spend any length of time in my room, because any visit invariably leads to the same thing: a casual perusal of my bookshelf followed by an indignant ‘Hey! That’s my book!’ Indeed, I’ve earned something of a reputation among my family for only buying them books I want […]

Once Upon a Time, There Lived a Book Blogger…

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Well, this is exciting.  My very first post in this wonderfully cozy corner of the blogosphere, talking about one of my favourite pastimes in the whole, wide world – books. About the Blog ‘Poisoned Apples and Smoking Caterpillars’ is geared towards all things fantastical, so this blog’ll include high fantasy; science fiction; gothic Victorian fiction; […]

Adelaide Writers Week Day 5 with Amanda McInerney

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Writers Week day 5 and Adelaide reverts to type –  a blazing hot day with everyone searching for a shady spot! This afternoon my two daughters and I sat in on the “Meet the Author” session with the improbably youthful looking Marcus Zusak, who had the audience eating out of his hand!!  My daughters were […]

Adelaide Writers Week Day 3 with Amanda McInerney

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Day 3 at Adelaide Writers Week and I could only pop in for a brief visit today.  I was running late and missed the first part of “Trainspotting” author Irvine Welsh’s discussion on his writing experiences, but managed to catch some of the question/answer time.  He was just as I expected him to be – […]


Thursday, August 27th, 2009

 “…Why don’t you write proper books?” I’m often asked by friends. I write on the frontier of Australian story telling. It’s a wild and woolly place. A little bit dangerous even. There are Dragonkeepers and Ranger’s Apprentices. A Book Thief and a Bugalugs Bum Thief. You can go Hunting Elephants or into the Teenage Underground. […]

CHILDREN’S BOOK WEEK: Michael Gerard Bauer

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

It’s not so much writing for teenagers and young adults I enjoy, it’s more writing stories centring around them. The teenage years are such a fun and exciting time to write about. It’s a time full of discovery and possibility where feelings and emotions are often more intense and focused and friendships and relationships are […]