Bookish Adventures in Singapore, part 1: Holiday Reading

by - April 17th, 2012

I’m back! Did you miss me? :-) My Singapore holiday is now but a memory as I return to my regular routine in Australia. Despite my expectations of a relatively book-free experience (see: “TTFN”), Singapore actually managed a few rather lovely bookish surprises. And I’m gonna tell you about them over the next few posts.

My biggest surprise was that I managed to get in some reading time. The kids actually slept on the plane trips, so I got in a couple of hours there. Then, during our stay in Singapore, daughter #2 (who’s only three) needed a bit of quiet time or a nap every couple of days — so that too provided some reading time. I’m pleased to say that I made it all the way through the one book I took with me, Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. (I’ll give you my thoughts on that book in a separate post.) And I went on to read a couple of other things I bought in Singapore (but more about them later).

While in Singapore I visited a couple of bookstores, and I’ll tell you about them in the next two posts. Visiting these stores and talking to friends who live in that country, led me to discover that books in Singapore are more expensive than in Australia… even with the exchange rate taken into account. It’s not a huge difference, only a few dollars a book, but it was enough to curb my holiday book buying. I still did a little, but they were very particular purchases. (Again, I’ll tell you about them in an upcoming post.) (Are you getting sick of me referring to as yet unwritten posts? I’ll try to stop.)

I took a little notebook with me, as I always do on holidays, just in case inspiration struck. I jotted down some notes along the way for this and other upcoming Literary Clutter posts. And I wrote a few pages on my current work-in-progress. And that was about it… so nothing earth shattering to report on that front.

I returned to Australia on Sunday 15 April, our plane touching down at about 7:45am. With children sprawled across our laps, my wife and I didn’t get the chance to do much sleeping… maybe an hour of dozing, at best. But despite the lack of sleep, there was promoting to be done. So, after getting home, rushing off to pick up our cats from the ‘Catty Hotel’, I managed a quick shower and some hurried lunch before heading off to Supanova for a book signing.

Supanova is an immense pop culture expo held at the Melbourne Showgrounds. To be perfectly honest, my time there passed by in a vague, sleep-deprived blur. I signed some autographs, I gave out lots of promotional bookmarks for my novel Gamers’ Challenge and I chatted with a few other authors, including Carole Wilkinson, Michael Pryor, Sue Bursztynski and Alison Croggon. Then I rushed home to collapse into bed.

I had a lovely time on my holiday, but I’m also glad to be back. And I look forward to blogging regularly again.

Tune in next time for Tintin in Singapore.

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