by - March 19th, 2012

After two years blogging for Boomerang Books at the Kids’ Book Caper’s blog, it’s time for me to say, “Goodbye”.

I’ve had a blast, read shelves full of fabulous books and met many amazing creators. I’m going to be sad to leave, but I’ve realised recently that it’s time for me to spend more time on my own writing.

I have too many works ‘in progress’ that haven’t been ‘progressing’, and now it’s time to focus on them.

I have quite a list to work on already, and I can’t wait to immerse myself again in these characters and their worlds. I want to finish my YA thriller trilogy, my mid grade inventor series, my non-fiction manuscript, my adult novel…and all the projects that are just seeds in the back of my mind waiting to be nurtured.

I’m very excited about this next phase in my writing life. I feel I have learned so much from the books I have read and reviewed and from chatting with the people who create them. I’m sure my own writing is better for it.

In the 24 months I have been running the Kids’ Book Capers’ blog I have published around 300 blog posts, profiled over 20 creators and read/reviewed over 350 books

Thanks to all the publishers who have trusted me with their books and all the creators who have shared their work. It has been a privilege to read each and every book and to meet all the wonderful authors, illustrators and industry professionals who have been involved over the last two years.

There are so many things I’m going to miss about being at Kids’ Book Capers. Top of the list is my wonderful fellow blogger, Tania McCartney whose creativity, energy and dedication have inspired me.

I’ll miss all the wonderful blog readers who take the time to comment on my posts and the books they have read or can’t wait to read.

I’ll miss the anticipation of going to the post office box and wondering what exciting new books have arrived in the mail that day.

The good news is that Kids’ Book Capers will be left in good hands. The talented and enthusiastic Tania McCartney will continue to blog about kid’s books and the  people who create them.

So thanks to everyone who has supported me at Kids’ Book Capers, who have read my posts and shared my love of books. Thanks to Tania and the team at Boomerang Books who have been wonderful to work with.

Hopefully, in time I’ll have some new books of my own to add to the Boomerang Books catalogue.

In the meantime, if you want to follow my writing journey, I’ll be blogging about it at

Happy reading:)




  1. taniamccartney Says:

    My heart is breaking! I will miss you so much on KBC, Blog Buddy, but it’s incredibly inspiring to see you follow your passion with such dedication. You will be so missed here, by so many, but thank goodness we can track you down elsewhere! I, for one, am waiting with much anticipation for the glorious books you will churn out – onward, my friend! x

  2. Dee White Says:

    Tania, you know how much I will miss you too, but we will still be Writing Buddies. I’m so sad, but so excited about where my writing is heading at the moment. And I’m so thankful that you’ll be keeping on with Kids’ Book Capers and spreading the word about all the fabulous new Australian Kids’ Books. xx

  3. Karen Collum Says:

    Dee, you have accomplished so much in the past 2 years and I’ve always loved reading your thoughtful reviews. Best of luck on your new adventure – I can’t wait to see where it leads you :)

  4. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Karen,

    I’m looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me too:)


  5. Dimity Powell Says:

    :”( Tragic news based on sensible reasons; still not easy to take. Will miss you Dee. Best of everything with your refocusing and next phase. Dimity :”(

  6. Alison Reynolds Says:

    I will miss your blog posts and reviews.
    You have contributed so much to the Australian book industry in the last couple of years.

    But I am thrilled that you will have more time to actually write. I can’t wait to read the finished books.

    You are a fabulous writer and looking forward to watching you on the next step of your journey!
    Also, you know I want to read a YA thriller very soon. Hint Hint.

  7. kay crabbee Says:

    May your next two years be as equally rewarding Dee. Enjoy!

  8. Kaz Delaney Says:

    Congratulation of your achievements, Dee – and warm hugs and a magic carpet ride into the future.

    Have fun with your own works – you deserve this time. Am truly thrilled for you.

  9. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Dimity,

    I’ll miss being at Kids’ Book Capers too. I’ll still be around my other social networking blogs and haunts though:) See you there.


  10. deescribe Says:

    Thanks Alison,

    You know how much I appreciate your support. And of course, you will be one of the VERY first to read my YA thriller:)


  11. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Kay,

    I hope so too. I hope you’re making progress with your writing too:)


  12. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Kaz,

    I looking forward to it…and I’m hoping to find time to read some grown up books too…like yours:) A magic carpet ride would be nice:)


  13. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Sally,

    I’m planning on making good use of it:)


  14. Sally Odgers Says:

    Good luck with your new creativity-time!

  15. Kerry Brown Says:

    Best of luck in your new phase Dee. I am sure there are many characters that have been silently developing in the back of your mind, ready to burst forth and have their say. I look forward to meeting them in your next book.

    Kerry xo

  16. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Kerry,

    Funny you should say that lol. These characters are trying to take over my life:)


  17. Dale Harcombe Says:

    Can understand your reasoning, Dee. It’s often hard to fit all we want in and sometimes things have to go for more concentrated writing time. All the best and will look forward to what you will achieve as you devote more time to your writing.

  18. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Dale,

    These decisions aren’t easy are they?


  19. Robyn Opie Says:

    Well done, Dee, for all your hard work over the last 2 years. And all the best for the days, weeks, months and years to come. Your writing needs you, as do the readers out there. Be true to yourself, follow your unique destiny and enjoy the wonderful journey. May all your dreams come true!
    Warm wishes,

  20. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Robyn,

    I’m looking forward to the journey:)


  21. Sheryl Gwyther Says:

    Excellent job, Dee. There are hundreds of authors, illustrators and publishers who must be grateful for your wonderful, insightful reviewing of their books.
    Well done! I wish you well as you delve back into your own writing – way to go, my friend!!
    Sheryl ♥

  22. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Kat,

    It has been a wonderful and inspiring experience for me and I know I have learnt a lot from all the great books I’ve read:)


  23. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Sheryl,

    I have loved every minute of being at KBC but I am looking forward to ‘delving’.


  24. Kathryn Apel Says:

    Dee, you have poured hours of words and emotions into the KBC blog – a job very well done! I am sure that you will see huge benefits as you invest that time, energy and creativity into your own writing career. I look forward to hearing great news!

  25. catriona hoy Says:

    Hi Dee, I don’t know how you have managed to write all those reviews. I think you are truly amazing. Look forward to seeing more of your work in print, as does my daughter, one of your fans!
    Cheers, Cat

  26. deescribe Says:

    Thanks, Cat,

    I’ve enjoyed reading and reviewing all the fantastic books and working with Boomerang Books, but I’m going to love having more time to spend on my own writing.