New Heath Ledger Tribute Book

by - March 14th, 2008

Five Mile Press will release a new tribute book to Heath Ledger in May 2008.  The book will retail for $24.95.

When the news of Heath Ledger’s tragic death first broke it sent shock waves through the world of showbusiness. Nominated for an Oscar for his role in the blockbuster movie Brokeback Mountain, Ledger seemed set for superstardom. No one could believe that such a bright light had been so suddenly extinguished.

Ledger was renowned for his dedication to his craft. He was a young man whose ambition had led him to eschew the heartthrob image Hollywood longed to bestow upon him in favour of roles that would help him fulfil his potential as an actor.

This book tells the story of how this single-minded determination to be the best took him from his home in Perth, Western Australia, to a life of international celebrity. It traces his career from the time he first appeared on stage at school, aged 10, to his many appearances on the red carpet at BAFTA, Golden Globe and Academy Award ceremonies.

Featuring scores of photographs from his earliest years right up to his untimely death at the age of just 28, this book is a tribute to the talents of Heath Ledger.

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