Dandelion Bullying Book to be published by Random House

by - January 19th, 2013

9780857981028Random House Australia has acquired the rights to an ebook and print book version of Dandelion, a popular anti-bullying app for children that was created by Sydney writer and creative director Galvin Scott Davis.

Random House will publish the Dandelion ebook on 15 March, followed by a hardcover picture book on 1 April.

Davis created the Dandelion app in 2012 in response to his son being bullied at school. He initially raised money for the project through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and self-published a small run of print books.

The book blurb:

In the spirit of Where the Wild Things Are and Grimm’s Fairytales, Dandelion is a moving book for children about bullying and the power of imagination. Based on a number 1 bestselling children’s- book app on iTunes.

Benjamin Brewster is a very particular little boy. He attends the School for the Misguided, a place for never-do-wells and bullies. A place where happy thoughts are quick to run and hide. A place where dreams and thoughts are squished. Until one day dandelions appear by Benjamin’s side and he finds the courage and imagination to force the bullies to take flight. Bullying, after all, is for people with no imagination.

This magical interactive book for children is based on a bestselling children’s iTunes app and came about when Galvin Scott Davis’s son experienced bullying. The story encourages parents and children to discuss bullying and discover whether some problems can be solved with a little imagination.

The story for Dandelion came about when Galvin Scott Davis’s son experienced bullying.


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