Contributor Guidelines

Boomerang Books welcomes unsolicited contributions to its Guest Blog.  Boomerang Books will publish up to 10 articles each month on its Guest Blog.

Content Guidelines

To be considered for publication, all submissions must follow these content guidelines:

  • Submissions must be between 400-1,000 words in length (longer by agreement)
  • Submissions are to be of a high quality, creative, original and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Contributors are expected to reflect an Australian focus in their writing, in keeping with Boomerang Books’ Australian focus and theme.
  • Contributors are not permitted to use profanity, to write about ‘taboo’ subjects, defame individuals, or write in such a manner that could bring the name of Boomerang Books into disrepute.  Boomerang Books is a mainstream, family-oriented, generalist book retail business and content associated with the brand must be written accordingly.
  • Individual book reviews will generally not be considered for publication (these should be posted on the main site on the relevant book page).
  • Submissions that are self serving or ‘spruiking’ a book will generally not be considered for publication.  Authors are encouraged to submit contributions, but should avoid writing about their own titles (note: we’re happy to include a mention of the title in the short bio that will appear at the end of the post!)
  • Where a book is mentioned in a submission, a hyperlink is to be included to the book in the Boomerang Books database.
  • Contributors are to submit original work only.  Content may be subsequently published in any other place by the contributor, but we ask that the content be submitted to Boomerang Books exclusively in the first instance.  The contributor warrants that all submissions are his/her own work.  Copyright remains with the author of the submission.
  • Contributors are strongly urged to include an image with their submissions (eg. book jacket image).  Images must not be copyrighted.

Formatting and Submission Guidelines

Contributors are to follow the following formatting and submission guidelines:

  • Must be in MS Word format
  • Must be straight text without any formatting (eg. no columns, no embedded images, no footnotes)
  • Must be submitted via email to Boomerang Books’ Content Manager,, with any images attached
  • Submissions must contain an author name, contact details, a short bio and an author headshot

Please note that Boomerang Books reserves the right to publish or not publish material at its sole discretion.  Contributors are not remunerated for their submissions.