Chinese printer refuses to publish Aussie book

by - August 17th, 2008

A Chinese printer has refused to print Putting Queensland on the Map by Felicity Jack for UNSW Press because it mentions the China-Tibet border.

The book contains just a single line which mentions the border, which Elizabeth Menzies, publisher at UNSW Press, said the printer had suggested should be removed. When UNSW Press refused, the printer advised the publisher to print the title elsewhere and the book will be printed in Thailand.

Felicity Jack’s great grandfather’s life is documented in the biography, including his travels throughout Australia and China. Menzies would not name the Chinese printer, and said ‘We print as many of our books as we can in Australia’, but go overseas for ‘those that are colour or require something different’.

‘The author [Jack] felt very strongly that she did not want her text changed by the Chinese authorities and we stand beside that,’ said Menzies.

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One Response to “Chinese printer refuses to publish Aussie book”

  1. angelelder Says:

    Do the Chinese forget that there is actually a border between China and Tibet? what absolutely rubbish that they wouldn’t print a book because of just one line mentioning the border!
    It seems like ‘an ostrich burying its’ head’ if one doesen’t mention that there is a border and that Tibet exists then ‘it doesn’t!
    Also the publisher assures us that most printing is done in Australia, except for those needing COLOURS! do we not have colours in Australia?