Boomerang Books to participate in carbon emissions forum

by - June 28th, 2010

The Managing Director of Boomerang Books, Clayton Wehner, will participate in a panel discussion about reducing carbon emissions at the upcoming Australian Booksellers Conference in Brisbane in early July.  Boomerang Books recently became Australia’s first carbon neutral online bookstore.

The ABA Conference will run a panel on reducing carbon emissions with Joel Silver, president of Canada’s largest book retail chain Indigo Books.

Silver will discuss the IndigoGreen environmental program at the ABA Conference via video. The program includes a commitment to a 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2014.

Joining the panel will be Liz Minchin, Walkley award-winning journalist and co-author of Screw Lightbulbs (UWA Publishing) and Clayton Wehner, managing director of Boomerang Books. Fiona Stager, ABA president and head of the ABA environmental working party will present the results of eco-efficiency research being undertaken by the ABA. The session will be chaired by Howard Nielsen, a business sustainability consultant who facilitates the Climate Smart Business Clusters program in Queensland.

For full program information and online registrations see the ABA website at

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