4000+ budding authors respond to call for manuscripts

by - October 22nd, 2012

4563 manuscripts submitted in 14 days:

Harper Voyager’s open call for manuscript submissions closes after an unprecedented response to global publishing opportunity

Following the announcement on September 13th that the combined Harper Voyager imprint of Harper Collins in Australia, the UK and the USA were launching an exciting opportunity for debut fantasy and science fiction authors to submit their manuscripts directly to be chosen for publication, over 4563 manuscripts have been received.

Prospective authors from around the world reacted enthusiastically and en masse to this unique opportunity, in what was un unprecedented response. The submissions portal was open from the 1st to the 14th of October, and now it has closed, the publishers have begun the challenging task of reading through the huge number of manuscripts.

HarperCollins Australia’s Associate Publisher for Harper Voyager, Deonie Fiford, said today:

“We are really thrilled with the enthusiastic response – people expressed a keen desire to be published internationally by Harper Voyager where they will be able to have the full support of our dedicated editorial and marketing departments.

“We have already begun reading and have received some excellent submissions. We’re looking forward to announcing our new digital authors next year to join bestselling writers like George R R Martin, Robin Hobb, Kylie Chan, Fiona McIntosh and Kim Harrison at Harper Voyager books.”

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